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Hotel Supervisor - Microdevice
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A Professional supervision system dedicated to hotels.


Certainty in hotel automation

If an hotel intends to operate in the current competitive context by adopting high quality standards, it can’t exempt from using an extended web of technological systems.  Hotel Supervisor represents the final result of a long-term project, a unique centralized system for the immediate supervision and control of the hotel installations. Hotel Supervisor belongs to the category of distributed intelligence systems with the specific employment in automation for hotels or, generally speaking, for centers.

Thanks to Microdevice automation, you will be able to manage easily and and efficiently the energy-saving (up to 30% on cooling, 20% on heating and 15% on energy), the security, the alarms control, the accesses control of your rooms and common areas and always with the best comfort.

The investment that the hotel manager made to buy the Hotel Supervisor system will be amortized in a short period of time and he will project his building into the future.

Hotel Supervisor, a modular system.

domotica e automazione per Hotel - Hotel Supervisor

Flexibility and fast installation

Designed with the with the greatest flexibility, Hotel Supervisor bases on advanced technological concepts which guarantees the system reliability, simple use and expandability. Thanks to Hotel Supervisor it is possible to customize any system in order to satisfy the specific needs of each hotel. This is possible by choosing among the various peripheral devices and standard modules of our catalogue. Hotel Supervisor is planned to make wiring, installation and management activities easier. The future modifications of the system will be managed thanks to the remote control.

Modular and expandable system

Modularity is Microdevice best value and advantage. Indeed the automation and supervision system is totally modular an this allows a large and progressive expandability.

Here the modules in detail:


The management includes the room assignment to the guest and also other desirede services (for example: solarium, sauna and swimming pool access). All the room settings such as temperature, fan-coil speed (according to the guest’s presence/absence in the room) are customizable. It is also possible to record the guest and personnel movements (maids, maintenance technicians) in the room. Reports about room consumptions are available too.

Domotica per hotel - hotel supervisor - microdevice

The rooms management is entrusted to the rooms management module. Every room can be personalized thanks to the wide range of modular panels of Microdevice supervision and control system.

Solution 1 – EXAMPLE of Standard Room (accesses and temperature)

  • Door opening by card;
  • Energy-saving thanks to our reader XI/ differentiation and control of the movements in the room;
  • SOS bathroom alarm;
  • Courtesy light command;
  • “ open window”Alarm with automatic stop of the room fan-coil;
  • Interaction of the fan-coil speed with the possibility of turning it on/off and changing the speed;
  • Energy-saving thanks to the temperature control;
  • Management of the minimum and maximum values. The automatic variation of the temperature parameters is possible from the PC anytime of the day.

Complete version of room services:
– Guests and staff accesses are controlled through 5 differentiation levels
– Intrusion attempts detection through a door sensor
– Guest’s presence in the room is signaled outside the door and at the reception.
– “Do not disturb” is reported outside the room and at the reception
– Signal “tidy room” by the maid to the reception
– Room personnel availability can be checked from the reception
– The power supply of the room systems is controlled according to the occupation
– Room air-conditioning management (temperature and fan coil speed) with local indication of dispersive energy variations.
– SOS bathroom alarm
– “Open window” alarm with automatic stop of the fan coil of the room
– Warning to the reception in case of breakdowns
– Fire detection thanks to thermal and optic smoke detectors
– The presence of a fire alarm in hotel is signaled by a buzzer and a led in order to allow the correct evacuation and to reduce all the risks
– Control of real opening of the minibar and related signal outside the door
– Headboard


– Room and key (CARD) assignment to the guest
– Keys archive with automatic services activation
– Rented rooms situation in real time
– Ready rooms situation in real time
– C0condemned rooms situation in real time
– Alarms for security systems with punctual identification
– Report of all alarms situation in the hotel



Common areas (hallways, breakfast rooms, etc.), just like the rooms, can be customized by controlling the desired temperatures, lights, alarms and services (ex. solarium, fitness area). Accesses and passages can be allowed only to the cards enabled by the direction. Every information is visible to the supervisor system in real time.

The information are visible from the central PC in real time. The supervision software manages the cards and services assignation for every user, in addition to check-in and check-out procedures.
The software allows the configuration of the hotel general parameters by controlling all the configuration data in real time too.

Even parking in and out, entrances to the hotel or to external structures (like swimming pools and tennis courts) can be controlled and they can be enabled according to the hotel needs. Different authorization turns and payment services can be managed too.

chiavi elettroniche per hotel


The supervision software manages the cards assignment to the guests, therefor the check-in and check-out procedures. It also permits the hotel general parameters configuration. Guests’ data and related rooms are managed in real time.

chiavi elettroniche per hotel - DOMOTICA - MICRODEVICE


The management of most common internal accesses are: box entrances and exits, accesses to the hotel or to the other external structures (ex.swimming pools and tennis courts) are characterized by the passage control as guarantee of security. The aim is to satisfy the guests’ needs and comfort. Different authorization turns and payment services can be managed too.



The type of systems, that Hotel Supervisor controls, are: thermoregulation of thermotechnicals, boilers, ATU. The great advantages that the system can offer are related to the integration which lets a building installations save and make the management easier.

The advantages of technological areas management:

Saving money on the thermotechnical installations control and on energy consumptions is necessary nowadays and essential for a correct business management of a private or public facility (ex. hospitals, care homes, hotels or, generally speaking, accommodation facilities). The costs of electricity and heating increase every day more and water became even a more precious resource.

The integration of our SUPERVISOR system, and its correct installation, allows building installations savings. So their control is easier and their consumptions are reduced up to 30%.

Advantages for the building manager:

  • Operations security and control
  • Easier command and management
  • Better use of technological systems
  • Cost savings when buying building installations
  • Consumptions record
  • Energy-saving
  • Comfort for the guests
chiavi elettroniche per hotel - DOMOTICA - MICRODEVICE

Le prestazioni del nostro sistema interessano tutte le aree tecnologiche per una ottimale gestione delle risorse:

  • Supervision and command of THERMAL, REFRIGERATING and WATER central units are always under control 24-hours-a-day
  • Condition detection and alarms of pumps, fans, air-conditioners with automatic command of spare devices (if required)
  • Management and command of zone valves or shut-off valves for the fluids floor dissection (hot water, heating/cooling)
  • Automatic command of four-pipe systems with hot/cold fluid flow according to the requirements and to the external temperature (summer, winter, transitional seasons)
  • Automatic command of 0-10V or 3-position valves actuators according to the occupation of the rooms of the floor, to the use of surgeries or to the assignation of beds or common areas, etc.
  • Supervision and management of air treatment units, cooling towers, etc.
  • Memorization of all the parameters and their variation (humidity, flow temperature,etc.) with graphic and record characterized by intervals of 1 minute up to 24 hours.


This module for the hotel rooms lets the online management of the minibar and its control also with automatic charge.

And this is, after all, all about the technology of the Hotel Supervisor system designed and produced by Microdevice and employed in various hotels.

The Online minibar is one of the components of the “intelligent room” family.



  • It is cheaper than any other online minibar
  • It is a long-lasting investment as completing part of an energy-saving system
  • Total control of the consumptions of the minibar products
  • Consumptions report updated in real time
  • The minibar use is possible only for the guests who have an enabled CARD
  • Interfacing to the most known management softwares (PMS): Fidelio, Ericsoft…etc.
  • Detection of the openings and products consumption followed by the identification of the person, date and time
  • Staff detection of loading and unloading operations
  • Shelves distinction according to the prices
  • Warning in case of exhausted stocks
  • List of products to be collected from the storehouse
  • Minibar control with automatic charge


Record, charge and control of the accesses to services like sauna, solarium and fitness area are an original feature of the Hotel Supervisor functionalities.

sauna palestra - DOMOTICA - MICRODEVICE


Thanks to this module it is possible integrating other softwares (ACC, payment, monetics) in the Hotel Supervisor management.

Hotel Supervisor supports the interfaces with the following Front Office softwares:

  • Opera,
  • Eric Soft,
  • Sys Dat,
  • GP DATI,
  • NI.CE.,
  • Protel-Serenissima,
  • Nuconga,
  • Hotel 2000,
  • Proxima,
  • Hotel Cube


The traditional safe becomes online.

This is possible thanks to the technology of the Hotel Supervisor system.

The Online Safe is one of the components of the “intelligent room” family.

cassaforte on-line HOTEL - DOMOTICA - MICRODEVICE

Advantages for the hotel manager:

  • Every opening of the safe door is recorded on the hard disk
  • Every closing of the safe door is recorded on the hard disk
  • Alarm in case the safe gets removed
  • The reception is warned if the guest leaves his room without closing the safe
  • The reception is warned if the safe is closed at the check-out: the staff intervenes provided with a security secret code
  • The guest is not aware of the safe monitoring in real time.
  • In case of theft, the database will track all the personnel movements and every safe operation so it is possible to proceed with a detailed investigation just by interlacing the information
  • The employment of traditional safes with code, electromagnet or motorized bolt is possible

Advantages for the guests:

  • Safe with personal code as generally provided by the producers
  • The guest doesn’t have to do any additional procedure in order to use the online safe
  • The card inserted in the room internal reader controls the safe. It is the same card employed to activate the room electricity and other services.
  • The guest uses the safe digital keypad just by typing the personal secret code generally employed by all producers

Total security!

Both internal and external staff will not be able to open the safe because the keypad is controlled by the system. Its opening is possible only during the check-out.

The keypad activates through a triple control:

  • guest’s check-in
  • guest’s card
  • personal secret code

The mechanical key employment gives an alarm to the reception.

The staff does not know about the safe monitoring in real time.

Archiving of all the records about the safe opening and alarms.

An all-around total security is guaranteed and it possible only thanks to the technology of the Hotel Supervisor system employed in various Italian and abroad hotels. The Online Safe is one of the components of the “intelligent room” family.


Online Safe is composed by a connection module (patented system) planned and realized by Microdevic for the total control of the room safes.

It is easy to install, it adapts to any model and its application does not require complex installation procedures.

The circuit board, placed inside the safe, is connected to the CPU (deployed in the room) thanks to a bus cable and rapid RJ45 connectors.La scheda elettronica, alloggiata all’interno della cassaforte, viene collegata tramite cavo bus e connettori rapidi RJ45 alla CPU dislocata nella stanza.

During the safe activation, all the data are acquired by permanent memories. Then they are sent to the control central unit and recorded.Durante l’attivazione della cassaforte, tutti i dati vengono acquisiti dalle memorie permanenti , inviati all’unità centrale di controllo e registrati.

Un solo computer centrale controlla tutte le casseforti di camera.

No changes for the existing safes are required: the connection module applies inside the traditional ones (whether mechanical or electronic).

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