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COMPANY - Microdevice

Microdevice, a 35-year-old passion

Microdevice, one of the most important Italian companies specialized in “Building Automation”, is located in Flero in the province of Brescia.

Founded in 1981, in order to produce electronic devices for the industrial automation, Microdevice started its specialization in the field of building automation at the end of the 80s.

The founder, Claudio Abrami, tells with emotion the years when he desired creating an automation system for the buildings management: “My dream was born in 1972 when I made a promise to my schoolfriends, and it became true in the 80s when we were one of the first ones to use protocols currently employed in telecommunications. We followed then the way of quality through a maniacal research of the best performances”.

Today Microdevice has installed its systems in public and private buildings all over Italy, especially the Hotel Supervisor system which operates in more than 800 accomodation facilities.

Although the constant increase of businesses and installations matched with the incessant products evolution, the company has always maintained an “artisan” approach to the market that lets Microdevice be known for its direct contact with its customers, for its seriousness, ethics and reliability.

Microdevice success is due to the character of the company: dynamic, willing, able to communicate and confront, animated by the main purpose of creating innovative, useful and user-friendly products.


Our Vision.

Since its origins, Microdevice stood out for the excellence in organization and production, always chased to reach the best result. This aim developed in the time because we have always paid particular attention to the social needs, such as energy-saving and environment respect.

Microdevice products have always been made following the “market demands”and pursuing a clear mission: creating automation systems that offer real benefits to the final user.

In order to give exactly what customers desire, the company has chosen the personalization of its products and services which are based on two values: “customer orientation” and “loyalty”. In fact, Microdevice relates to its customers with loyalty and transparency. This allows to avoid developing false expectations and, on the contrary, it develops long-lasting relationships based on the satisfactions of those who have chosen Supervisor systems.

We work to make life in buildings (hotels, offices, houses) easier by adopting modern electronic devices; our desire is to guarantee our customers security and well-being in every working or personal context.

In more detail, the goals that the company arises are: offering our customer the possibility of using with success his automation system, personalized according to his needs in order to guarantee a constantly efficient and effective service; providing a simple graphic interface which manages a modular and complete system; guarantying an open system which communicates with all the field components of the market.

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