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Management and Supervision - Microdevice
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Management and Supervision

Supervision means data collection and treatment in order to control and manage the facility.
This control is possible only through a safe, stable, strong and user-friendly system.

All the management information and data are clear and easy to be interpreted. Information standardization united to CONTROL SIMPLIFICATION.
The user is finally free to easily understand what happens to the system. He can also distinguish what is logical from what is not: breakdowns research and correct identification of any anomaly are facilitated.


For rooms and common areas

  • control and regulation of rooms and common areas air-conditioning
  • control and management of every alarm installed in the building
  • control and management of guest and staff accesses through the user profile
  • technological systems control and management
  • consumptions detection and record
  • services and control of private areas
  • services and control of common areas
  • opening and closing commands for rolling shutters, gates, doors, etc.
  • intrusion attempts detection through a door sensor
  • guest’s presence is reported outside the door and at the reception
  • “do not disturb” is reported outside the room and at the reception
  • power supply of the room systems is controlled according to the occupation
  • SOS bathroom alarm for guest’s assistance
  • “open window” alarm with automatic stop of the room fan-coil
  • warning to the reception in case of breakdowns
  • control of minibar opening

For the Reception

  • room and key (ChipCard) assignment to the guest
  • keys archive with automatic services activation
  • rented rooms situation in real time
  • ready rooms situation in real time
  • condemned rooms situation in real time
  • alarms for security systems with punctual identification
  • report of all alarm situations in the hotel
  • online safe management
  • signal “tidy room” by the maid to the reception
  • room personnel availability can be checked from the reception
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